Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven Sword: Slender Legs

Not much was done but a single leg took longer than I thought, as I had to ensure everything was correct.  There is also the fact that I had to smooth out the pieces so the extra plastic don't stick out as much.  All I got to show for is a leg that is naked.  Nothing is covering it up and I am still in the process of getting it finished.  At the rate this is going, it'll take me another two sessions to finish off the other leg as well.  But that's not going to matter much, as I would rather take my time than to hurry things through.

Perhaps what was interesting was that my niece and nephew, both around due to school schedule, looked on curiously.  Of course, with the short attention span they have, they didn't stick around long as I carefully and meticulously smooth out the excess plastic nubs in some of the pieces.  I would not sit around for hours on end watching a person do the same.  Times like these, I wish I had a camera stationed to take a picture every 1 or 2 minute for a time-lapse video.  Those would have been much more interesting to view since the process of piecing together a Master Grade size Gundam model takes a long time.  The weekend is coming up.  I may not be able to tinker with it.  However, it all depends if I have the strength to work on it.

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