Saturday, November 05, 2011

Seven Sword: Arm Wrestling

I guess I didn't overestimate this time.  I managed to finish up a single arm.  But after that, it was pretty much calling it a day.  Granted, I still could put in some extra time into starting with the other arm, but I did not want to overdo it.  This session had me opening up another plastic bag to fetch a runner that is used in the process.  There were a few runners that came in identical pairs.  To me, this is normal as there are some parts where the pieces are symmetric and identical.  What almost caught me off guard was when I was building the hand.  To add flexibility a choices, there were two hands I can build.  One is designed similarly to many of the Gundams before it that had a rifle or gun.  It uses a 3+1 finger design so that the index finger can be moved and placed on the trigger.  The other is a closed hand that is intended for holding other weapons like beam sabers or a scythe.  I almost thought that I had to choose one hand design over another because of a piece that had to be used on it.  It wasn't until later that I realized there's another identical runner with the same piece.  The other hand uses a different piece altogether so I do, indeed, have enough to appropriately make both option hands.  With the Destiny Gundam model, this wasn't the case, except it was made up for by having it easily detachable so one can change hands.

The arm and some of the details came out well.  I did make a minor mistake in cutting the gate off from a piece.  Fortunately when it was put together and assembled, the blemish was not easily exposed.  The panel lines were carefully done.  And while it was tricky trying to get some of the lines to stay consistent, in the end the edges and lines were more pronounced.  I cannot imagine how plain it would have looked had I not bother inking these parts.

I'm unsure as to how far I'll get to on the next session.  I already had part of the arm built before starting this one.  And it took me this long to finish one arm.  Perhaps it will result in having just the arm without a hand.  We'll see how it turns out.

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