Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can see clearly now

So recently I acquired glasses that can help me see and read things far. The original intent is to enable me to properly renew my driver's license. However, my poor eyesight has finally caught up to me and they rejected my renewal request, at first. After getting a quick checkup and an order put in to produce new lens, I waited a week for it to arrive. I was called up and notified on the glass's arrival. Picked them up and realized just how much of a difference it was.

While I am well aware of how to discern moving objects, cars, people, and other things, I'm careful enough to ensure that I am able to tell things apart. Sure I may not be able to read signs very far. But the places I needed to go are all familiar to me. And as the opportunity arise, I'll utilize two lanes just to cut corners and turn at high (but not dangerous) speeds.

So after a few runs here and there with the new glasses, I find that it's a bit more comforting being able to read things that I wasn't able to easily read before. Here's to hoping my eyes won't give out on me early.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Click click click BOOM!

To start things off, I am not a person who is affiliated with any kind of religion. I am a person without such views who see things as they are, believe what they are, and formulate opinions on my own free will. I say what I wish to say. I do what I wish to do. I believe what I want to believe. If there are people visiting this blog of mine who are Catholic, Christian, Jewish, or whatever, and know who I am in the game of Guild Wars, you are about to read and hear my personal opinion and crituque of a variety of things that have transpired during my time of playing the game.

The guild I am in happens to be a Christian-themed guild. Now, the people in the guild already acknowledges that I am one who has no affiliation with any religion. They know well enough that I do not argue for or against their views. My view is different from them and I will not spark hot debate about their ways and methods. I leave that alone. And they respect that.

Recently the guild and the original alliance have merged with another alliance. The alliance will then be controlled by them, as the guild will be invited into it. That means the rules will have changed. How much, I did not know. I was not made aware of any such major rules prior to the merge taking place. And information about such thing was not known as there is no centralized place to relay such message and information.

So as time passed, there are some things that pop up that would have me wondering. But it was a minor issue and I let it pass as it was nothing. These issues normally center around language use. Take a deep breath and breathe out. Ready for this? Okay.

Their supposed language use prohibits some of the most basic verbal terms in existance. Now, I personally know how foul-mouthed I can be when it comes to saying such things. Yes, I can lash out and say so-and-so is one mother-fucking shit-eating asshole. But I know control and I can control how I speak. After all, I had time to learn to adapt to control my verbal usage everywhere else. However, in the age of the Internet, we have plenty of acronyms to go around, from LOL to ROFL to OMG and LMAO. I cannot use the common phrase "Oh my God!" as they would have beef with it. So they're going to do what? Bitch to me about it? And bitched they did when I used it.

I went to a Catholic school when I was a kid. I knew well enough of some of the supposed "Ten Commandments" that was taught to kids there. But that is not enough to change me into some religious nutcase who take everything into consideration and obey it all down to the letter. I am not that stupid to fall for that kind of shit. I will point out that... if your God and Lord Jesus Christ is always so forgiving, why the fuck are you going to bug the shit out of me on abusing its name?! The name has been thrown around left and right in every shape, way, and form. Don't bitch to me on my usage of God's name. If I want to say OMG, I WILL say it. Don't complain or whine to me on how I should not take the name in vain. Otherwise, I say bullshit to you and your stubborn mind.

Another case involving language is the usage of the word "hell." Yeah, we've heard about it. We've known about it. People joke and say "We're all going to hell for this." And movies coined the phrase "I'll see you IN HELL!" And I use it like it was a normal word, not a care in the world. And what do I get for using such a word? More bitching, whining, and complaining.

(takes a deep breath) What the FUCK is wrong with you fucktards?! I cannot use the word hell?! What the HELL is up with that? What the HELL kind of a rule is that? What the HELL do you expect me to do? Use a different term? If you wanna ban the use of the word hell, I'll retort to you assholes and say that you ban the use of the word HEAVEN. Why? Because I believe in equal-opportunity. Hell has been in use for years. I do not see anything wrong with using it freely like I have.

The latest bitching now comes in the form of my usage of a software application that is used to automate mouse clicking. Now, before anyone say anything, I am full aware on the technical rulings on the use of automation tools as well as macros. I am full aware of what happens when ArenaNet find my use/activity to be unacceptable. But I will argue this: Are you going to sit on your fat ass watching the progress meter go up minute by minute? And why was I using such a tool? Simple, an achievement title in the game calls for the consumption of alcoholic beverages where its effect wears off and its time logged and tallied. The effect wears off in 60 seconds and to achieve the first and second tier, you must spend (respectively) 1,000 and 10,000 minutes drunk. Again I argue: Are you going to sit on your fat ass watching every single minute of your progress meter? Most are going to answer: HELL NO.

Then I was accused of cheating in the game. Cheating? Are they fucking serious? Cheating? What the fuck am I cheating at? AT TIME?! FUCKTARDS, all of them! FUCK them. Fuck their views. Fuck their diety. They can praise all they want but it ain't going to save their fucking ass one single fucking bit. Shit happens. That's life. If something good happens, they'll spout bullshit saying it's "His work" and that it's a "miracle." Get with the fucking program. Time to grow up and start thinking on your own for a change. Think outside the box and think differently.

It irritates me to no end on how they "praise God" and all that shit. They don't sound religious. They sound like cheerleading zealots to me. So if you somehow, in some way, stumbled upon this, and know who I am, and know who I am affiliated with, don't start bitching at me in-game about my blog. Don't start whining about it. Don't start crying about it. And don't bother trying to oust me out either. I have a deep personal beef in how things are run and the only reason I have stuck around is because a buddy of mine is in the very guild which I am in. And that individual is one I know and remember for a few years. Don't like my words or my views? Tough luck. Go deal with it.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where's the pole?!

There are a lot of shit on TV these days. But once a while, there comes a little gem that makes watching a bit more enjoyable. Still, that doesn't mean it'll drag me back to watching TV on a regular basis.

ABC started advertising a new show called Wipeout during the NBA playoffs. Essentially the show is nothing more than a small game show where contestants go through a series of obstacles in an obstacle course for a shot at $50,000. This ought to sound familiar to those who have flipped through SpikeTV channel, where there's a show called MXC which is more or less the same. But due to the difference in target audience, Wipeout is more toned down in how the course is set up and what can be said on TV. After a single showing, the show stuck and I started catching the show each week it comes on. There are plenty of hilarious moments. But this one perhaps stood out the most. It needs no introduction. Simply watch the video and laugh.