Sunday, December 05, 2010

Deathscythe EW: Session 5 & 6

It sucks recovering from a cold.  I managed to put in two sessions as I try to get better.  However, after finishing up session 5, I could not muster up the strength or the mindset to post.  Trying to put the pieces together without coughing up a storm wasn't a major issue, as I did this when the coughing was minimal.  Having a bottle of water kept nearby kind of helped a bit.  Assembling the legs were not too bad, but it ate up a lot of time due to the complexities in the leg mechanics.  It's similarly designed to the other models I have assembled.  The most I could ever get out of that session was assembling the internal pieces and part of the covering exterior.  But it was enough of a start.  I knew after a while I had to put it all away and stop there and resume on the next session.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Deathscythe EW: Session 4

Finishing up what I left off, the other arm piece was carefully assembled and put together.  As I had leftover pieces from the previous session, getting it assembled did not take long as the only thing needed to do was snip off the excess plastic and smooth it out.  Once that was done, connecting the arm to the main body was all that was left.  I find out that despite what I had described as the two parts snapping together, they don't really do snap together and remain that way.  It looks like I'll have to be extra careful when moving the arms and potentially the legs around, as they're probably not going to stay fitted on their joints.  I still wish its joint design was like the Astray Red Frame, which I personally find to be the best given the three kinds of joints I have encountered.