Thursday, July 05, 2012

Seven Sword: Done

It's been way too long since I last posted any update with regard to this model.  The model itself was finished a long time ago.  The problem was that I procrastinated on taking photos of the finished model with its LED lightings on.  And no matter how many times I've looked at it, I cannot help but think that this is one of the coolest model designs as far as extra features go.  I've seen numerous Gundam models.  There are plenty of basic ones with only the basic essentials that define the Gundam character itself.  For instance, the latest Gundam franchise is the AGE line.  The AGE-1 Normal model is quite basic on many levels.  I had this Gundam model ordered and delivered.  And I can already tell from the size of the box that there isn't many accessories or anything fancy to go with it.  It's the same with the Gundam Deathscythe EW model.  Examples of models that had a lot of accessories or have special features are the Astray Red Frame, this 00 Gundam Seven Swords, Destiny Gundam, and Sword Impulse Gundam.  They come in bigger boxes, have more parts, and can take longer to assemble.

In my rush to get the pictures done, I didn't take enough time to really set up a decent backdrop.  So the whole quality seems more half-baked than I'd like.  Still, because of the LED lighting that Seven Swords can have, lighting is a bit of a tricky issue.  In order to better bring out the LED lightings that illuminate the eyes as well as the GN drives on the shoulders, I turned off the camera's flash entirely.  The result is that the picture would end up looking grainier than normal because of higher ISO speed used.  Well, nothing much can be done other than retake the pictures another time.  However, I do not know when I'll ever come around to doing that.  If I ever get a proper setup for snapping pictures of my Gundam model, amongst other items that I'd love to snap photos of, I may revisit it.  Until then, this is perhaps as good as it gets.

I haven't touched Gundam AGE-1 Normal yet since receiving it.  And for the time being, it seems I'll be suspending my Gundam model collection.  I have viewed the designs for the Gundams in AGE and none of them piqued my interest.  Granted, the design was more intended for the children as a way to get them into the whole Gundam franchise as well as model, the whole series itself seems uninteresting.  Since Bandai's main Gundam focus is now on the AGE line, it means that there will be next to nothing new for designs.  Since I started the Gundam model hobby based on designs, this will come as a bit of a relief to the wallet.  With today's economic struggles, the dollar/yen exchange rate is an absolute mess.  I suppose this is, in a way, a double-win for me.

Anyway, I finally got this piece out of the way.  Now if I can just get around to piecing together AGE-1 Normal...