Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Seven Sword: Happy Feet

It is difficult to work on the model kit when you're tired.  As a result, the most I was able to do were the feet.  There is still plenty left to do for the rest.  However, I could not muster up the strength to really do anything further than this.  Not having a comfortable and nicely lit workstation can do that.

The feet design seems to be a bit strange.  Perhaps this is by design but it is the first for me.  Normally most part fit together nicely, leaving no space or gaps with other parts.  For the front white pieces, there is an intended gap.  It took me a bit to wonder if this is correct.  After examining the picture of the finished product on the back of the manual, I'm lead to believe that this is correct.  For the time being, just having the feet is good enough.  I'll work on the ankles and legs another time.

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