Monday, November 14, 2011

Seven Sword: Almost there...

After partially assembling the other leg, I was interrupted to run an errand.  By the time I returned, I had to put the final touches and put everything away.  I figure I can always resume later the night.

Piece by piece, the other leg was coming along and I finally got it done.  I took a look at the next component, the waist, and saw that it doesn't require a lot of pieces.  So I thought that I could partially assemble it together and head to bed.  Instead, I ended up piecing together the whole thing.  Since the waist was done, the whole main body is pretty much complete.  I put the major parts together and the Gundam is finally able to stand on its own two feet.  The model is now done, at least for the main body.  The rest is still in need of assembly and there are still many parts yet to be cut out.

Seeing the completed body is a bit of sense of relief.  One of the biggest hurdle is out of the way.  And the rest is simply assembling the accessories and equipment that go with it.  As I had limited time left and was getting tired, I didn't do a lot of picture taking.  So this one single photo is all I have for the time being.

I'm anxious to see how the weapons will look like when it's finally finished.  But I guess the only parts that will be done first is the backpack, which contains the "GN Drives."

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