Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Me Lucky Charms

Having not done solo farming in ages, I set out to do a trial run to see how much I am able to get. Using an ancient build with a couple of modifications to the skills, I managed to rake in a lot of gold and specialty items. The intent was to gather as much of these special items as they are being dropped for the weekend in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Finding rare items along the way and raking in the dough are just an added bonus to the whole process.

Suddenly I find myself enjoying the farm process, albeit boring at times when nothing interesting are dropping for me. Still, when the rares are dropping, they get transferred over to my other characters for identifications. As a result, progress on the Wisdom title accelerated. Using this method in conjunction with the solo farm, I should be able to attain the higher ranks quicker. I hope I won't get too bored of the entire process. The old days of being able to traverse part of a high-end area is long over and funding of certain high-end crafting materials came to a screeching halt. Well, it doesn't matter any more, as I have no need for them for the time being.

Monday, March 03, 2008

Sounds Like A Plan

Over the weekend, I never got the chance to take advantage of a particular bonus for completing certain tasks in Guild Wars' Eye of the North expansion. But over the course of the weekend, I worked up a plan in order to maximize and attain the highest rank tier for a player title. This may eventually lead to some boring grinding and repetitions in order to get there. But I think in the end and overall, it is the most effective given the insanity involved with the game's Hard Mode setting.

Attaining the highest rank in anything is, of course, no easy task. Some does not take much to get there and others involved careful travel. But there are now several titles that requires traversing and defeating foes via Hard Mode, a mode that sometimes is entertaining but is mostly infuriating. It isn't because that it's hard. It's due to how the enemies are not only made "smarter" but also run faster, attack faster, and uses skills faster. That, in many cases, is plain overboard. Added to the fact that in HM, enemies will take out careless players effectively this time around. This is especially true in any missions where the death of a crucial NPC equate to a complete loss.

Sadly, I'm usually a loner trying to accomplish these tasks with just my Heroes and henchmen. Some areas can be cleared out with just these alone. But I am certain that there are plenty of others where getting past that is seemingly impossible. So for now, it seems that doing whatever I can do and can accomplish alone is enough for now.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hanging Up the Guns

In what seem like one of the shortest time I've faithfully spent on a game, I have resigned from Call of Duty 4. The game, while executed fairly well, suffers from a few problems, one of which is personal and opinionated. I have already posted before on these flaws. But there is one aspect that I loathe the most -- hardcore mode. Granted, this enables players to become better at aiming rather than usign one's crosshair and HUD to assist. But other than that, what comes with it is the fact that players die a lot more easily. And because of this, there are scenarios and situations that completely abuses this particular feature. Spawning in and only taking a second to simply look around is the most you could do before dying by another player's gunshot. Even dashing across the street in an urban setting is impossible because people take up vantage points and do nothing other than make potshots at people who run.

Having played so many rounds and easily got to the highest level, there's little incentive to play other than to burn time. Even worse is that there is hardly anyone else to play with on servers that is not set to hardcore. Saturday night was the last straw, having been trapped with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide because they wouldn't let us out. There was no chance in finding cover. There was no chance in getting into a different building or house. The only thing that happened was spawning in only to die seconds later.

That isn't fun.

Despite that I am with a group of people who do play to have fun and to enjoy each other's company in the game, it isn't fun for me.

As a result, I hanged up the guns for CoD4. In other words: I'm tired of the bullshit and retarded fucked up situations that come with the game. Spawning in to die moments later is not hardcore. That's bullshit. It's a waste of time and I would rather burn that time on a different game that at least is balanced towards giving people a shot at a win.

That is my rant. And that's why February has been postless.

What is next? That remains to be seen. There's hype behind this so-called Battlefield Heroes. But ever since the shitbomb that is BF2 and 2142, I'm skeptical on anything from DICE/EA now. Even the rumored BF3 I have no interest in. The fucktards at DICE/EA needs to pull their heads out of their asses and start ensuring that the games that they make are actually supported and fixed for balanced play. Oh, and they need to make sure that they support widescreen too.. bunch of fucking dumbasses...

Until "the next big thing" comes around, whatever it may be... it's back to either Guild Wars or World in Conflict. At least in those games, you can play to have a shot at winning... instead of being kicked while you're down.