Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Seven Sword: Bicep Workout

Having a bit of extra time on hand, I made good progress on the other arm.  Finishing it up took a while but it was smooth sailing as I know what part is concealed and which sections are exposed.  Yet even though I made good progress on it, I also spent more time than anticipated.  After finishing the other arm, I should have simply left it at that.  After seeing what the next step was, I thought it would not take me long to put it together.  Turns out that it did took long to put two small components together.  I was also side tracked due to doing a little bit of homework checking for my nephew.  With time running out, I had to put the final touches on one of the component and put everything up.  It was one full session and then a little bit more.  I opted to finish what I had started later on.  And this is the result.

With the entire upper body fully completed, it's just a matter of time before I can get the main body done.  But first I have to tackle the legs.  The legs would probably take me maybe 3 sessions to finish before I move on to the waist component.  That is assuming the legs are just as detailed and complex as the arms.  I did not take a glimpse of the leg instructions yet.  I should have though.  There were a few parts that made tackling the arms time consuming, because of the small parts and because of the special translucent pieces that I had to cut and trim.  At least the end result is a cool looking arm.  The joint that connects the shoulder to the body locks in, something I have liked ever since assembling the Astray Red Frame model.  The joint connecting the arm to the shoulder, however, is not all that great, as it is nothing more than a pin/hole design.  At the very least, it is using a comfortable polycap method which is a lot better than two ABS plastics holding them together.

The hands seem to be easy to take out and replace, unlike the Destiny Gundam which is very troublesome to switch hands for.  I like it this way but I still would prefer a ball-joint so that the hands would be held securely in place.  Anyway, so far, so good.  The model design is pretty decent so far.  I'll see how well the legs are designed once I'm done with them.

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