Friday, September 28, 2007

The Guild Wars Grindfest

Similarly like my BF2142 profile, I seem to have an affinity for getting achievements. When a friend told me of a common spot people use to acquire points, I figure I'd do the same, as getting it the old fashion way is lengthy, tedious, troublesome, and a major pain in the rear. After a couple of trial and test runs, I later found out that I wasn't exploiting the most of what the point farming run has to offer. As I read further into this, I then started to slowly adopt and adapt to the run. Eventually the run began to show its result and reward. The amount of points acquired in such a short timeframe made it worthwhile to use for the bored casual player like myself.

In the course of less than one week, I was able to accrue enough points that it didn't seem all that much of a hassle to get there. Soon I'll have two more titles maxed out. Now I just gotta figure out what title to go for next...