Thursday, November 03, 2011

Seven Sword: Body Building

Some of the complications that come with building Gundam models is cutting the pieces out cleanly from the runners.  Sometimes you get that thick gate that eats up a lot of room and can make getting a clean cut difficult. Some of the pieces I have to cut out tend to be like that.  And then there are those with gates and orientations that make cutting difficult with the current tools on hand.  Times like these I need a side cutter with a sharper point than a dull one.  I was not expecting that I would have trouble cutting some of the pieces off because of these molding designs.

As I start to work on the upper body of the model, it becomes clear just how much space is reserved for those special LED units used to light up the model itself.  The compartment is small but so is the LED unit itself.

The body is unfinished as of now.  I expect that it will be finished on the next session.  After that, it's building the arms.  I doubt I will be able to finish both arms, given the amount of time I spent piecing this much of the upper body alone.  Yet in the end, I hope that it is worth spending that extra time.

I did a quick test/view of how the LED unit will illuminate the head.  I must admit, it really looks great.  I hope Bandai will design/create more models using their LED units.  It should not be reserved only for the 00 Gundam series.  Anyway, that's all for this one.

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