Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Seven Sword: The 1st Step

As I was finishing up Destiny Gundam, my other Gundam model arrived -- a Master Grade 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G.  I guess you can say I have a thing for Gundam mechs with unusual or unique sword designs.  But even though I have finished Destiny Gundam, I was not truly able to start on this until a few other parts arrived. The first being 4 GunPla LED units that I ordered from Amiami.  The second being the batteries required for the LED to work.  Once I had those in place, I looked through the assembly manual and the runners.  Much like the other large-box Master Grade models, this one will take a while for me to finish.  This does seem to indicate that any of the small-box Master Grade models tend to be less fancier than the large-box ones.  The Deathscythe EW that I put together seem to reinforce that theory.

Just like before, I intend to take my time piecing the pieces together.  But it may end up taking longer than I expected given that some of the pieces are very small.  Due to these small pieces, I spend more time making sure that extra plastic nubs are removed and smoothed out.  And then there's the option.  The option is that some sticker applications are intended for those who choose not to use the LED units that are now generally available.  Yet given how they made it a choice, I doubt many would dare go with the non-LED route.  There is just something a bit... dull... when a model goes unlit if there is an option to make it illuminated.

There are a few special runners in this kit.  These are specially crafted to let light travel through it.  But as I cut them off from the runner, they felt brittle.  I suppose this is due to the material makeup for these parts.  That means I have to be more careful when cutting them out.  They're a bit more rigid than normal plastic, thus they don't bend as easily.  So perhaps that's why they felt more brittle than expected.  Hopefully I won't end up snapping a piece off.

At the end, I only have one component completely finished.  And while this is the beginning, it is only but a first step out of many towards a very interesting model.  I'm anxious to see how the finished product looks.  Yet at the same time, I must refrain from rushing.  Patience is key.  That and a warm and comfortable workstation.  Brrr... it's chilly.

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