Monday, April 05, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 9

So I'm now on the 9th session and the goal is to finish the other leg.  Fortunately, what I have done in the first leg has helped me prepare in getting some of the pieces ready.  And since I already have a leg done, I can use that as a reference point when looking up panel lines for inking.

I found out that using the X-Acto knife can be quite useful in removing some of the excess plastics on pieces that have a flat surface.  In some of the pieces, it worked well enough that they are smooth and I do not need to even use the filer to sand it down like I have been doing for other pieces.  But there is a down side to using the hobby knife over the filer.  The knife itself is very sharp.  And placing too much force or having the knife angled wrong can turn out bad.  While none of the pieces have any catastrophic result, it's still a risk.  In some cases, it is better to use the hobby knife over the filer due to weird plastic angles or a limited area to use the filer.  I just hope I don't run into another piece where I cannot use the filer because of restricted and limited space.

But now that the legs are finally done, there is only 1 more component to go and that is the waist.  That will complete the main Gundam itself.  However, I still need to build the weapons and equipment to finish it all off.  I think handling the Tactical Arms will be simple enough.  But I still worry over the two swords that I need to take care of.  From the looks of it, I may be done by the 11th or 12th session.  And thus far, I have been running a single session per day/night in order to keep a steady and regular pace.  If that holds true, it would have taken me twice longer to assemble this compared to the Sword Impulse Gundam that took 5 days/nights to assemble.  Personally, it's all worth the extra time put in just to give the model better detailing.

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