Thursday, April 08, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 12

The Tactical Arms II-L is nearly completed.  According to the manual, it's missing 6 pieces.  By session 13, everything should be done.  But so far, the giant equipment looks quite good and interesting despite being incomplete by so few pieces.

Elevating the work area seem to have little effect on trying to alleviate the chance of being worn out early.  But I was able to go through a full session run with little wear on the endurance.  A little management here and there as well as a food break resulted in being able to last long enough to nearly complete one equipment.

The rest of the weapons are the swords and the display stand.  Rather, I have two display stands to assemble.  One is already included with the model and the other was purchased in preparation for this model.  And then there's a need to set up a miniature photography studio area for taking pictures of the completed model.  While the previous post only showed just a glimpse of the main body, the model isn't really completed until all the weapons and equipment are attached and shown.  The Tactical Arms is already large enough to possibly and potentially weigh the model down and perhaps make it off balanced.  But here's to hoping that the finished model will have some interesting poses as well as having a more finished and completed look.  Going through 13 sessions isn't an easy task to take.  Long sessions and multiple breaks as well as trying relentlessly to ink in those panel line details consumes a lot of effort and hard work.  The main body already looks impressive enough.  So I hope that this will result in the same when it's all done.

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