Saturday, April 10, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 13+

It is done.  Because of bad preparation, I was unable to complete the entire thing on session 13.  This was due in part of the decision to paint a few items which have special colors and odd color blending from the plastic mix.  This was rectified with the early purchase of a couple of special color markers.

The weapons have a few pieces which are colored gold but the plastic mix that went in to making the mold gave an odd result.  The color wasn't consistent and there is some residue of the plastic not mixing well to keep the colors consistent.  Or perhaps it was due to the manufacturing process that gave such an odd effect.  Either case, the effect was bothersome enough to warrant using the markers for painting purpose.  Although the markers aren't perfect for general painting, it's decent enough to use for painting small pieces.

How to paint the small pieces became a tricky puzzle to solve.  I ended up doing them on a two phased part where one side is coated and then the other is coated.  The result is satisfactory enough to cover everything.  Or at least it seems.  Trying to discern the difference between a painted and unpainted area is very difficult when the colors are so similar.  Even worse is after the first coat has already mostly dried.

To pass time while I let the paint dry, I started assembly on the other display stand that was purchased a while back for the Sword Impulse Gundam.  I was able to finish that and do a final examination of the last handful of pieces needing to be put together.  It all looks okay and I put them together.  The pieces fit together but strangely one of the intricate details on the swords turned out to be obscured from view by the handle.  Not that this is a major issue but it makes you wonder if, at some point, I'll bother to disassemble it just to view the markings.  For now, the finished product looks pretty nice and the finished model can now be displayed.

In a little over 13 sessions, tirelessly trying to piece the model together bit by bit, the Gundam Astray Red Frame is finished.  Oddly enough, there are leftover pieces which seem to go nowhere.  But they may find some use later on since a few of them are weapons which can be used on other models.  Well, it's time to take a break from this.  Next step is to build the RX-79(G).  Time to go old-skool!

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