Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 10

My endurance could not hold out to start on the next step.  As a result, the only component I was able to finish was the waist and with it, the main body is completed.  The components connected and snap into place and I can finally see the fruit of my labor.  The time and effort poured into this now show decent results.  The additional time to ink the panel lines on the pieces proved to be worth it as the model itself now looks more detailed than I had hoped for.

While taking a few pictures, the camera picked up on whatever minor imperfections and blemishes due to the ink smears of wiping and cleaning.  But for the most part, the details are showing and I am fairly satisfied with what I have so far.  Some of the parts could have been inked as well but that may have to wait until another time.

Now that the main body is finished, I took the chance to tinker with it and see how flexible the body is.  I must admit that this iteration of the Master Grade series is a definite improvement over their older models.  And it seems like they improve upon it with each new model designed and released.  The Sword Impulse Gundam I had can hold its own.  But even that has its own share of small flaws and deficiencies.  The Astray model feels more solid and better designed.  And I am glad that I chose to pick this up.  It does make me question if the Perfect Grade size is that much better.  But for the price and the sheer size of it, I do not think it would be worth trying.

It feels that now the burden or load is much lighter now that the main body is finished.  The weapons and equipment are the only items that remain.  Piecing them together should be no problem now that most of the small pieces are done with.  I had originally thought I would start on one of the weapons but I have opted to put it off until the next session.  It will be interesting to get the entire thing assembled and finished.  But after that, I still have the RX-79(G) which remains in the box since its arrival.

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