Sunday, April 04, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 8

This may go down as the component that took me the longest to ever finish.  Resuming where I left off, I aimed to finish off one single leg and perhaps start on the other leg.  Well, I only managed to finish a leg.  But starting on the next leg cannot happen as I opted to stop there for the time being.

As the leg start to come together, I find more panel lines that I could have inked.  Unfortunately, the parts are already put together.  However, for the most part, the exposed area are often concealed if the legs are straight.  This is probably the limitation of viewing the completed photo from its standing position.  I do not have other close-up shots which would have helped in determining if the parts needed to have the panel lines inked.  The only other method left is to use some paint and thinner to let the paint run along the corners of the plastic via capillary action.  If I am unable to take apart the leg to ink them via markers, then using paint will be my only choice.

But at long last one leg is finished.  And while the leg is finished, to do the next one means having to repeat some of the things I have done thus far.  More panel lines to ink and perhaps better preparation.  It's difficult to really see just what will be exposed when the parts moved until you piece the parts together.  And often times, when you fit them together, the parts become extremely difficult to take apart again.  Well, perhaps that's where the model cement may come to play, if I ever bother with it.  So far, none of the pieces were glued together.  And so far, all of them have a nice and snug fit so that they stay together.  I'll see how long the pieces stay that way when it's all said and done.

As I was placing plastics back into the box, there is one runner that is uniquely colored.  This one runner are parts for the sword and sheath which will come soon.  However, as I look at the runner itself, I cannot help but wonder if the gold marker I purchased will be good on this.  I have tried a few test application outside of the pieces themselves and the colors are a tad different.  Yet I also need to do the inking on them as well.  The pieces are also small and will make trying to do a uniform painting application a very tricky and difficult matter.  I do have something that may help with the drying.  But I still have the problem of how to uniformly apply the paint.  Do I try to do it one side at a time or do I try to do both at once?  Best way to picture it is to imagine painting a coin.  Well, when the time comes, I'll try to improvise.  Hopefully I can come up with something interesting.

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