Saturday, April 03, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 7 & etc

Due to weather, I could not resume assembling the model for 3 straight days.  To pass the time, I turned to my Sword Impulse Gundam and started inking the panel lines.  It has already made some progress but it was very minor at best.  Piecing together the Astray Red Frame require my full attention and that was just not possible at the time.

But to really work on the Sword Impulse, I had to take the model apart to some extent.  Knowing that I may not be able to tell left from right or from what part goes to where, I simply removed the legs, arms, and head from the main body.  From there, it's a matter of just inking the panel lines on each individual limb until it is completed.  This worked out well in the end, since I only have to look at the outward appearance of the model and compare it with the finished photograph on the back of the manual.

On the 3rd day, everything that was caused by the recent weather has subsided and I can finally continue on the Astray model.  Little did I know that I was not able to last long in resuming this.  The previous session left me with the internal structure of the legs.  What followed afterward were some tricky parts that made assembling one side of a leg more troubling than anticipated.  As I view the pieces and parts, along with studying the manual, I keep wondering if the piece will be visibly seen, not seen, should the parts be inked or shaded, or not.  So part of the time that burned away were due to intricately ink the panel lines as well as some parts which were shown to have been painted or inked in the finished photo.  But the pieces that got me stuck on the most happened to have the strangest shape and curve which made the process many times more difficult with my current skill.  This led me to use the Gundam Marker Eraser for the first time.  It seems that the liquid contained therein seem nothing more than some form of rubbing alcohol.  But that's a basic assumption due to the liquid evaporating or drying fairly quickly.  Any way, the eraser worked well and perhaps too well due to its design.

Disappointingly, I have to stop my progress to mentally and physically recover.  But from the looks of what is left, I may be able to finish the legs and perhaps move on to the waist.  From there on, I have to figure out just how I will manage the weapons equipment.

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