Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Year, Another Day

I'm not one to celebrate birthdays.  I just find it as just another day like any other day of the week.  As Guild Wars ramps up the Halloween theme to their game, other online games seem to be doing the same in their own way.  Grand Theft Auto IV turns your character into a zombie.  And other intellectual properties run by NCSoft are also decorated or celebrating the spooky holiday.  I, though, do not really like to really celebrate the occasion.  I just find it too troublesome having to answer the door just to hand a few kids some candies and treats.  Sure they're just doing it for fun.  I just think it's bothersome.

So with only days away from the 2008 US Election, it won't be long until I am finally rid of these pathetic political bullshit ads.  I'm pulling for Obama as he and his running mate appear to be more of the complete package than McCain and his dimwitted pick of a VP.  Granted, whoever is elected is going to inherit a lot of shitty fucked up mess that G.W. Bush left behind.  That fucking prick...

On a lighter note, man years ago, Budweiser unveiled to the world the biggest catchphrase on the Super Bowl.  8 years later, the folks responsible for making this commercial are back in this little clip.

True.  True.

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