Thursday, October 02, 2008

Like popcorn

Something is definitely afoot here. Some time ago, I had issues with trying to get the GeForce 7900GT to run without any problem. That issue still exist today as I tried to use it as a backup video card. What happened? The GeForce 8800GTS (the 640MB version) decided to die on me, right there, as I was about to reboot to do some driver updates. I dunno how it happened but as soon as the system finished the shutdown procedure and rebooted, I was greeted with a long beep plus two short additional beeps. That's not a good sign. A quick google revealed that the error code means the a VGA/display problem. I tried the usual method to get it to work again. I reseated the card, complete shutdown, and checked the fan is running. Nothing.

I do not know how many video cards I have gone through but this is ridiculous. The last solidly built card that I have purchased happens to be the GeForce 7800GT. But it has never been put through the harsh operating conditions like other cards before it. And that means having to operate nearly 24/7. The system is almost always on and can sometimes get really heated during the summer days. The 7900GT has given me nothing but problems and I thought I had rid the card of any problem. Sadly, it turns out to be false.

For the time being, I am running things from the laptop. That means limited operations such as audio management, file management, movie viewing, RSS feeds, and gaming, of course. The laptop does not have the greatest of all 3D abilities and can barely run Guild Wars, albeit at sub-15fps speed. At the very least, that is enough to let my guildmates know of the current problem at hand, for now.

I estimate the gaming rig will be out of comission for about two weeks, give or take a few days. This is estimating that the mailing slip will be sent to me by tomorrow with packing and sending occuring on the same day. With USPS's Priority Mail, it'll be 3 days transit until it arrives at the RMA department's doorstep. From there it's a 1 to 2 day turn-around and shipping time of about 5-6 days (because of slow-ass UPS). I suppose I should be glad that my card is manufactured by EVGA. They have one of the best warranty service out of all the video card companies out there. I just wish they're more generous with their shipping, as UPS ground is just so goddamn slow.

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