Saturday, October 11, 2008

You hereby agree to ...

You've seen them.  Those agreements that you have to click "Yes" to in order to install a program, use a program, or use an online service.  Sometimes they're dubbed as EULA but that's not really what all of them are called.  Some are just some sort of service usage agreement where they have certain rules set up so you cannot sue the living shit off of the company or provider.  Yeah, it's pretty lame on how it's has infiltrated our daily lives now.  These days we just simply ignore what the bunch of useless bullshitting legalese text say and click on the "Yes" or "Agree" button/checkbox.  All it was is a bunch of annoying shit that we cannot be bothered to read from top to bottom as half the time we cannot even begin to translate what their stuff says.

So when I install applications and programs, I usually click through all that just so I don't have to deal with all that.  It's just an unnecessary step that I have to hop over just so I can get to using something I know has been working so far.  The least thing the software developers could have done is to simply warn users that using said program may do odd things and that they are not responsible to what happens to your data should something really really bad happen.

Then today as I do my daily scan of various news sites or to check on what's news since seeing the site has updated, I came across this article with regards to the recent release of Disney's Sleeping Beauty on Blu-Ray disc.  What bewilders me is how much legal bullshit text is in there.  Just what kind of asshole sat at the desk for hours just to write up a bunch of useless legal bullshit for a movie that is... *ahem* to be viewed by children?  Even more absurd is why such a thing exist?  Sure there may be something interactive but can't we leave all the really interactive shit on devices that does the job better?  Like a Wii?  Or 360?  Or PS3?  Or PC?  Or Mac?  Seriously, whoever's in charge of producing and managing the Blu-Ray department at Disney ought to be brought out and shot, along with the prick who wrote up that shit.

So by reading this post, you hereby agree that you don't give a rats ass on what I say and go on your merry way.  But hey, who reads License Agreement these days?  Nobody, I tell you.  Nobody.

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