Thursday, November 06, 2008

First Time for Everything

Many years have I not opted to vote personally on a presidential election.  That's usually because I am not much of a voter.  However, I looked up information and gathered what was necessary.  The information was there.  And I just happen to be in the neighborhood in the morning.  I figure I'd stop by and see how the process work and what type of ballot system my state was using at the time.  Yes, I was curious to see if the votes will be counted or be flawed by design.

Because of the "hanging chad" incident in Florida in the 2000 election, it has left a foul mark on how to proceed with improving the ballot system.  Since then, the people wanted an improved ballot and voting system that would soon make it easier to place votes and be reliably counted.  Electronic voting is what can be defined as that.  My state wasn't using it, thankfully.  In the years to come, there would be plentiful of news regarding the electronic voting system that were deployed.  Many of the news range in horror stories from cracking the system to votes gone missing.

So far, there have been no voting horror stories aside from the long lines waiting to cast.  And in the end, I find some propositions were passed and some denied.

Moving on, having played the Call of Duty 4 game, I was not all that optimistic nor enthusiastic to play the World at War beta.  But considering that I am willing to give the game a try to see how it holds up, I find myself participating in the beta to determine its worth.

From what I've gathered, several of the flaws inherited from CoD4 is present in the game.  That includes the shitty retarded server browser and the worthless and retarded spawning system in place for Domination gameplay.  However, the game seem to perform well and I have not seen any outstanding issues yet.  The weapons seem balanced and I do not find any one weapon to be overly powerful.  The perks look interesting despite inheriting most from the CoD4 game.  And the maps look to be designed well.  Unfortunately, this doesn't guarantee that I will buy the game on release day (Nov 11).  A different game takes priority.  But things can change...

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