Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Deathscythe EW: Session 3

Knowing that I'll be dealing with some small parts, I got started on the arms.  But before doing that, I partially disassembled the head to add additional details in.  It was an attempt to mostly match the same detailings and appearance seen in the finished model in the photograph on the back of the manual.  It was a bit tricky trying to do this as a couple of pieces were extremely small, even for my small fingers.  But carefully I added the details in and put the head back together.  I think it looks okay, for now.

The arms were a bit of a mystery.  The other two Gundam models I have assembled had certain pieces that connected the arms to the main body.  This was absent in this kit and it left me wondering if the model will hold.  Also a mystery was how small the connecting stub was for the main body.  I find out many hours later that this was by design and the arms will snap together when properly fitted in.  Yet even if I say they snap together, getting that to happen wasn't exactly as described in the manual.  In order to push the arm piece in and ensure they lock into place, I had to find something to hold the stub out as I push the arm in.  Once I had it propped up, the two soundly snapped in and locked into place.  This is very different from the Astray Red Frame which had a different piece material altogether to snap in with the main body.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints and how my assembly workplace is set up, I could not finish both arms in time.  One arm is completely done in assembly while the other remain in pieces.  I should have the other arm finished on the next session.  The next component to assemble after this are the legs.  I estimate that I'll have half a leg finished by the end of the 3rd session.  Oh well, I guess it cannot be helped.

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