Monday, November 29, 2010

Deathscythe EW: Session 2

For the second session, I want to make sure that I finish the main body so that I can continue to the other parts that will require assembling.  A few pieces also needed some detailing so I took some extra time in order to ink the panel lines and edges.  However, as I look over the markers that I have, I find that some of the colors do not match nor do I have any color for this particular series.  Some series come with its own unique custom set of colors.  Two sets I have were for Gundam Seed, while the current one I am working on is for Gundam Wing.  I do not know how I will deal with the parts that were cut and trimmed off.  Maybe I'll go down to the hobby store again to look for some color to use just to cover it up.

The body is finished, mostly.  And the next component to assemble was the head.  That means working with small pieces and parts.  As expected, it was tricky and difficult to handle.  One part needed 3 sticker applications and they were very small.  Thankfully I was able to place them properly and get the pieces put together.  The head turned out nice and I figure I'd stop there for the time being.  The arms are next up for assembly.  But I will handle that later on.

As I clean up and put everything back into the box, I find that on the back page of the assembly manual there is a close-up photo of the head that I just finished.  I see that there are a lot more details than what I currently have.  It appears that I will have to carefully disassemble the head partly in order to add these details in.  Hopefully they will look better when I am done with it.

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