Thursday, November 13, 2008

Boot Camp: Part 2

Having played Call of Duty 4, I wasn't all too thrilled to be playing the new one (World at War).  However, things have surprisingly changed for once.  For starters, the weapons are nearly like night and day.  The map design appear to be considerably better and much more balanced out.

Granted, the weapons are designed around the World War II era, ammo is a bit of a major factor to how people take their shots.  As for me, I can't aim worth jack squat.

One of the major banes for me in CoD4 was this so-called Hardcore mode, where the game increases the power of the weapon such that you die much more quickly than before.  And because of this drastic change, trying to run across a mere street is impossible.  And if it's not possible, then it's not great to really try to run around and mount an offense.  This is especially true when you're down or pinned down and want to at least help turn the tide over for your team.  It frustrates me so much that I quit the game.  It's ridiculous that I cannot have a fighting chance.  And it is not due to not being a bad player.  I know when I suck if I cannot hit the side of a barn with a mere gun with 100% accuracy.  But not being able to go from cover to cover?  Hell fucking no.

Anyway, World at War was released.  And it didn't take me long to break down and get it.  I originally wanted to wait until there is some sort of hot sale to save a few bucks.  But that impulse took over and I grabbed it.  Well, even if there's no decent sale by December, at least I know I got an extra out of my purchase to make it a bit worth the money.

I'm not entirely sure if, after all of us get to the max level and stay there or worse yet start over in Prestige, it'll keep us entertained.  CoD4 didn't keep me in there because nobody wanted to play Normal mode in it.  And I sure hope that World at War will at least keep some things sane and not end up being the same pile of shit (but with different shit) that CoD4 was.  I guess I'll know in a few months...

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