Tuesday, April 05, 2005

More than meets the eye

The collection continues to grow. However, one is hitting a snag. Thus far, Galaxy Convoy, Master Megatron, and Starscream are in current possession. To be added to the list are Exillion, Nitro Convoy, and Fang Wolf. A die-cast 12cm tall version of Galaxy Convoy is on preorder and will be an exceptional addition to the "family." Live Convoy is currently in need of ordering, which I mentioned ran into a snag.

I need to find some materials to use as backdrops for photographing my collection. The details are amazing and I'm liking this particular series very much. It's almost like Car Robots all over again, as I've collected two versions of Fire Convoy and God Magnus. One has to wonder where I'll place this now that I'm expanding even more. Then again... I do have a room to clean out badly. I guess I better figure out how I'll arrange my room.

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