Monday, April 11, 2005

Learn some what???

Anyone who has played the game of TRIBES in any iteration, shape, or form will know what I speak of. If not, it's probably of no use in knowing what I'm talking about, so skip on by.

I've been absent during the majority of days of TRIBES 2. The constant patching and framerate issues I had is just not working out for me. As a result, I ended up going AWOL on the clan that I have been with for a while. It was then that upon the announcement of TRIBES: Vengeance I'd try it out once more, given I am confident that I can play the game without issues. Sure enough, this was true.

As a player, I experiment with varying armor types, weapons, and setups, trying to find that formula that'll work best for me. As a result, I became versatile in a variety of position depending on map. And my strongest point was playing a Light Defensive position, or LD for short. Because of the skills I possess, I have accumilated 5 accusations of cheating, of which they can never prove as I don't waste my time with such things.

On a server out there, the map called Junk came into play. Knowing that it's a public server, I realize that one of two things can happen. After failing to make the first cap, I fell back into defensive position and attempted in repairing the base. After dying countless time, it became quite annoying that the same individual would come in, tear up the place, and never leave it alone for a single minute. I have tried to explain that it's getting tiresome to die so frequently without having a chance to set up a proper defense but they fall upon either deaf ears or a mind incapable of input and ethical values. I was then told to "learn to do some LD." How amusing that, as one of the primary LDs for my clan, that I would be told to learn to do the same thing I have been doing for a while now. But that individual's mind won't change. He wouldn't hear it nor would he understand. It's these kind of people that makes playing the game not fun.

It's difficult having to deal with these kind of people. How I wish for such ability to rid myself of his attitude. But alas, I do not have such authority. So I endure it all. At least, until he left. Others have said nothing except for a few, who wish for the arguing to stop. But I push forth. Alas, often I wonder just why people fall back to using swears and such in their argument. Wait, can that be called an argument then when it comes to that? Isn't there such a 'law' that says when a person begins to use foul language or name-calling that the person who has yet to degrade to doing such thing automatically wins the argument? If there is, I'd like to know it.

I play Light Defense. I snipe any incoming enemies down. I chaingun the enemy flag carrier. If you believe that I am good in doing those things, I am appreciative of it. If you don't believe it, then I respect your opinion of it. They always say that if you got nothing good to say about another person, it's best to not say anything at all.

Good night...

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