Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ore no drill wa...

It's been eons since I've posted anything with regards to anime that it felt that it's been put on the back burner.  Well, for the most part, it is.  As new anime series continue to churn out, I get lost in the midst of all of the titles that are being aired.  I lose focus on the type of shows that I like.

I'm a nut for involving stories.  Romance, drama, a bit of comedy, and I can go for action as well.  Sci-fi are good once a while and there are some mind-boggling ones out there too.  Mysteries are also good, as I love to see little clues left behind to get people to solve it.  If only Detective Conan wasn't so lengthy.  There are now over 550 episodes of Detective Conan and not one bit does Conan look any older nor does he ever have come close to curing that little ailment of his.

One of the major hit titles is the series Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.  Two movies were made to re-envision the whole story.  However, as with any movies, details had to be cut.  And some parts were rewritten.  The first of the two movies, named "Gurren-Hen," basically featured condensed plot that goes from the beginning up until the Battle of Teppelin.  Certain episodics parts were removed in order to cut down the time needed to tell the story. And some were rewritten and redone with a different method and style to give viewers a different look.  Much of what was shown in Gurren-Hen were perhaps reused from the original TV broadcast.  But where things were different or rewritten, they were adapted for film or for different presentations.

The second movie of the two, named "Lagann-Hen," takes place at the final battle at Teppelin and goes from there to the very end.  In order to get viewers up to speed, some recap clips were shown and arranged in order to get people acquainted as to what has happened thus far since the previous movie.  Like the previous movie, it is a mix of new scenes, rewritten plot points, and original storyline.  However, it felt the ratio of new and old content has shifted somewhat when compared to the first movie, giving viewers more different scenes than before.  This is especially true going into the final half of the movie.

I have seen both the TV series and the movies.  The movies provide a nice primer for people who wanted to see what the show is about without diving into 27 episodes of content for the TV series.  While there are some things omitted or shown differently in the movies, I still hold the TV to be the original plotline.  However, the basic principles for which both the TV series and the movies stand for are the same.

I definitely need to find some new anime titles to view.  However, I am still lost in all of them with nothing to really sort and sift through them.  There is Omamori Himari which I have taken a liking to.  While not a show that is family friendly, it is entertaining for me.

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