Monday, February 08, 2010

And the Saints Come Marching Home

And so Super Bowl 44 came and went.  With it, a great show of abilities by both sides.  Both came out strong and both showed some weakness here and there.  While it seems like the Colts can easily come back to win it all, one thing that prevented it was the game changing interception by the Saints.  As soon as he caught it and ran all the way down for the touchdown, it was pretty much over.  All that was left was to hold the Colts off some and victory will be theirs.  Sure enough, that was the case.

I have never backed the Colts.  It wasn't because I hated the team.  It was more based on the fact that the Colts don't need to win that one.  The Saints, on the other hand, needed.  For a city that is in need of something uplifting and something to boost population morale, this is the one thing that can help bring the city back on its feet and breathe new life.  The Saints got to the biggest stage of them all.  And from there, they did everything they can to hold the Colts at bay and ensure everything they do will benefit the team.  Sure, there are a couple of plays that failed miserably.  But that's part of their gamble.  That's part of the risk of wanting to win.

So now the Saints can come marching home as champions.  They deserved it.  And Drew Brees' story will be immortalized as the one guy who worked his butt off to get where he's at today.  For the moment, he is the Saints' icon.

On the other side, the multi-million dollar ads aired.  And sadly, they are pathetic and horrible.  So many crappy commercials, much of which seem to cater to those with lower intelligence.  It was really stupid.  The biggest culprits are those from, Bud Light, and Doritos.  While Budweiser has not have a single iconic commercial since the Wassup days, their continuing motif with the Clydesdale horses keeps the theme and consistency going.  Denny's aired a handful of ads with a starting commercial that sets the tone for the rest of the commercials.  About half of what was aired were mildly entertaining, but its appeal does drop quickly.  Coca-Cola has been quite consistent when it comes to creating unique ads and they did not disappoint.  I caught glimpse of a Simpsons-theme commercial and it is quite good.

Mixed within these commercials are movie trailers for Prince of Persia, Robin Hood, and one other movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio.  Having already seen the premise and trailer for Robin Hood, the trailer spot did not stir any interests.  Perhaps the only thing that did seem to spur interest is Prince of Persia.  But I need to not put too much faith in hoping that it'll become a worthwhile movie.  Many movies tend to go sour as the hype builds up and its story being more boring or bland than originally thought.

Rating this year's Super Bowl ads, I am disappointed overall with it.  If I were to rate it overall out of 5 stars, I probably would have given it a 2.  That is pretty sad considering that there were some decent ones the previous years.

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for their Super Bowl 44 win.  And to the people of New Orleans, savor every single moment.  Do not let this feeling run by you, not even for a moment.  The people of New Orleans deserve something to be happy, proud, and cheer about.  This is it.  Do not miss it.  After what New Orleans went through, this is was needed.  And the people deserve it.  I am happy that New Orleans is now home to a champion.  And that's the way it should be for now.  Now... about those in Cleveland, Ohio...

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