Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Is The Future?

What does the future hold for humanity?  Fear?  Peace?  War?  Sometimes, you just need to ask youself just what the future may hold for all of us.

Judgement Day, the Apocalypse, the End of the World, these are the things that is seen in the movie 2012.  It's a catastrophe movie.  And like any catastrophe movie, expect to see a lot of dying.  But what makes it sorta stand out from the rest is it isn't focused to just one country, one religion, or one background.  It encompasses everyone.  Yet as I watch how the event unfoled, visuals and unheard devastational results simply bewilders me.  Well, movies are like windows to the imagination.  Yet I cannot fathom to think or consider just what if the world could end in the same or similar manner like that.

I'm no scientist.  Is the world doomed as humanity continually chip away its life bit by bit?  Is there a chance where the people of the world could somehow find a way to extend the life of this planet?  The inhabitants of this planet were not given warranty information when it comes to how this planet is used.  And we certainly did not get the memo of any instructions on what to do and what not to do.

2012 leaves a lot to the person's imagination.  But it also instills a bit of fear into all of us.  How much time do we have?  Will the planet collapse in a way like what we've seen in the movie?  Or will it be something completely different?

If you have just hours left, how would humanity deal with it?  Repent?  Pray for a miracle?  Or accept your fate that it is time?  Life, as we know it, is not only precious but also insignificant.  The world changes but we, as humans, change it as well.

What will the future hold?  Hopefully it holds two scoops of strawberry flavored ice cream.

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