Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Fooling Around

With much anticipation, another April Fool’s Day joke has everyone in Guild Wars becoming a miniaturized and cartoonish Gwen.  Or in the world of anime, we call it Super Deformed or SD for short.  With thousands of SD Gwens running around, it’s too good to pass up various screenshots and video presentations.  2008’s Stickman was okay at best but it didn't leave that much impact.  For 2009, it seems that this is one of the best treat so far.  And hopefully it can only get better as April trickles along.

On a different note, April 1st marks the end of March.  And with it, an empty promise from Treyarch.  When their first Map Pack was announced, it was stated that they will release the pack on March 2009.  The month came and went.  And while the console users are able to play on the new maps first, albeit with a price to pay, the PC gamers are left out in the cold waiting for their new maps to come in.  This has the unfortunate side effect of bringing out some of the worst and dumbest people known to man.

Yet while the idiots over at Treyarch are trying to fix the remaining bugs slated for their 1.4 release, “JD”, Treyarch’s community relations guy, posted an update regarding both the patch and the map pack that was supposed to come out on March 2009.  The update was not an update but rather an excuse.  So instead of simply releasing the map pack, which are nothing more than maps, they decided to simply lump the maps together with the patch/update and create a super-mega-huge download for everyone.  Terrific.  It’s confirmed that the map pack will come with the patch.  What I do not understand is why can’t the pack be released separately and independently.  This can make organizing what patches or updates are needed so much easier, instead of getting an old and outdated patch that needs to be patched over by a newer patch.

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