Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Internal Affairs

I don’t usually mess around with things that goes on the inside.  I’m not much of a people person when it comes to dealing with certain rules, views, and such.  But oddly enough, I am seeing two major conflicts that ended horribly and it’s only the 3rd month of 2009.

One of the conflicts involves an individual who happens to be caught with a cheat sitting on that person’s hard drive, through the use of PunkBuster, an anti-cheat system developed by EvenBalance.  That individual now handles duties for managing a part of the gaming league for the Call of Duty: World at War game, despite having not just one but two entries on PunksBusted’s MBL.  At first it was kept under the rug, until it was thrown out into the open when an individual challenged how the rules are set up for a dying game.  Everything with regards to that challenge spiraled out of control and it ended with the removal of the thread containing the said challenge as well as the removal of 3 separate individual accounts, two of which had absolutely no involvement on the situation and was inactive from the forums for many weeks.

Deleting a thread over the incident is practically wrong, and does nothing to improve the relations between the players, who are the ones to support the organization.  Deleting a thread does nothing to support the organization as the organization then has the power to dictate on what they say is absolute, the truth, and that all decisions and judgements are final.  Locking or closing the thread would have been the most sensible thing to do, given that the thread can then be used as reference as to why things are the way they are now.  However, very little can help that organization now...

Should an individual with thread administrative power be caught with something as filthy as this, the most honorable and sensible action would have been to resign and pass the duties on to someone else.  That would have been the best option.  Except, the person is instead shuffled off to manage a different game league within that organization.  Ugh...

The other incident came at the hands of an individual’s unusual joke with regards to the selling of Guild Wars account.  People who play a variety of MMO games as well as some first-person shooter games will know that the EULA says you cannot do this.  Yet this is often a gray area.  How so?  Well, let’s say for instance that the individual does not want to play the game any more and wish to sell the game to an interested buyer.  That person should have every right to sell the game in order to recuperate the amount of money, if not time and effort, spent on the game itself.  Sure the developers and publishers won’t see a single penny of it.  But that’s because the first sale has already been made.  There is no loss, as the only part being changed here is the ownership.  Much like how used CDs can be purchased, games can be too.

As I cannot vouch for being present during the time of the incident, the issue I have is how the situation was handled.  A few threads were created in order to discuss on what to do and how to handle this.  Yet many where calling for the removal of said person from the guild that he belongs to, akin to a lynch mob coming together to force a resident out of town.  This is downright sad and it gets worse than that.

When I logged on, I found that certain details were different.  We were no longer part of the alliance that we have been in for a while and a note was posted on the guild message in order to bring people up to date on what’s going on.  Yet when I went to read the details, I find that I cannot add any input to the matter because the forum thread it points to is closed/locked.

What irritates me more is the fact that I was not aware of anything going on that would have an affect with the guild itself.  The thread mentioned very little details and nothing was posted in order to provide information as to what happened during that time.  When I directly asked my guild leader about this, I found that everything that has happened was due to a poor joke on another individual’s part.  And now the entire guild are being punished for “lack of leadership” or the lack of action.

I have discussed a variety of things with another officer who voiced similar feelings about the entire mess.  The situation was handled poorly and regrettably we’re no longer a part of the alliance.  But what happened has happened.  It’s time to move on.  I, though, will hold a grudge and a vendetta against them.  It’s not because I am unable to let go.  It is because I despise how they are and how they are set up.  So here are my parting words for those few who are so uptight and stingy about their rules.

First off, the alliance chat rule needs fixing, or removed altogether.  For such simple words like ‘suck’ or ‘hell’, you are being more retarded in trying to limit such simple words just to provide a clean channel.  Using the game’s built-in chat filter should not be a reference tool to what can and cannot be said in the game.  Some words will be censored out naturally due to the limitations on how the filter is set up.  This is an obvious problem.  But don’t throw a hissy fit over some dumb shit where people can’t say certain words just because it’s commonly used in everyday language.  Vacuums suck and wind blows.  I raise hell when I have to fight Nazi Zombies in a different game.  And I certainly can say a shitload of worse thing to make your damn head explode.

Not having contacted about the ongoing situation not only hurts me as an officer of the guild that I am with but it also pisses me off as well.  You judge not just me but the entire guild based on the action of one individual who happens to be throwing a joke.  You’d think that you fucktards would have a sense of humor when it comes to small things like that but I guess I was wrong to assume such a thing.  Fuck!

Granted, this was all discussed on a variety of medium but I have heard nothing about this and there was no thread on the forums to indicate that there is an issue at hand which needs to be resolved.  Every thread that was brought up were closed almost instantly and nobody else can add anything more to this.  It’s not just that it has to be those involved who need to be present.  It’s because you assholes are deciding the fate of an entire guild based on a small incident.  You spit in my face for some of the dumbest shit that happened and you try to force your rule down on me when I rather have no part of it.  Rules may be rules but some rules are meant to be broken.

You bitches are too uptight and need to get your heads out of your asses and start thinking for a change.  I don’t care what kind of upbringing you have.  Start thinking on your own instead of relying on someone else’s guidelines to steer you in a direction.  This is not a single road that everyone takes.  I walk the path where I am free to say whatever the fuck I want to say and to use whatever fucking word I want to use.  If you want clean chatter, I am happy to oblige for as long as you do not harass me over some little shit like saying “what the hell...?” and “this sucks.”

I don’t need your fucking forgiveness and I don’t need your damn blessings.  I know fucking well enough of the teachings that you guys received because I have been through it before, endured through it before, and I am still my own self thinking on my own.  You assholes are hypocrites in what you believe in and you should be ashamed for doing so.  Ever heard of “Forgive and forget?”  Yes, that classic phrase that you bitches should have been taught and know by heart.  You guys speak so proudly of forgiveness and shit.  But when it comes to this, there is none.  You think that this is for the good of the alliance?  I hate to admit it but I’ll agree to that for once!  Because I’m glad we’re no longer part of your hypocritical crew.  Ever since you raised a hissy fit over the words that I used, I have NEVER once felt comfortable chatting on that channel.  Not ONCE have I ever had the feeling that I felt “at home.”  Not ONCE have I ever felt that where we’re at was a comfortable environment.  I guess you can say that this separation was bound to happen eventually.  Needless to say, I am glad we’re no longer bound to your dumbass chat rules and your retarded way of handling minor issues.  So long, bitches.  I hope my words of wisdom made your head explode and your eyes/ears bleed.

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