Friday, April 24, 2009

The Fourth

As Guild Wars is about to celebrate its 4th year, players are now shown what’s under the hood for the 4th Anniversary update.  And with it, there are a lot of things to go through.  Some of them are questionable... but others are long in the making.

The most anticipated new feature is updates to the storage system.  Now players are given the option of acquiring an equipment pack which is used to store their armor and weapons.  Along with the equipment pack, players are now given the opportunity to purchase additional storage panes for their account.  It’s announced that they are offering the storage pane for US$10.  But some people have already pointed out that the pricing is not very economical.  In some stores, including online ones, one can get a new copy of Guild Wars, regardless of chapter/campaign, for the same price.  The cost of that new copy of Guild Wars would come with 2 storage panes plus 4 characters to use, which some people will end up using as “mules” for their items.

While the cost is indeed questionable, there are other purchasable items that players can choose from.  One of which is the makeover package which will enable people to redesign their characters and potentially mix different hairstyle, face, skin tones, and character height to their liking, including using different design options from other campaigns.

It’s too bad I won’t be able to fully look through all the new stuff that went into this update... at least, not right now.  I will be able to sort through it all.  I just need to get through several days of Nine Rings.

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