Thursday, September 25, 2008

I can see clearly now

So recently I acquired glasses that can help me see and read things far. The original intent is to enable me to properly renew my driver's license. However, my poor eyesight has finally caught up to me and they rejected my renewal request, at first. After getting a quick checkup and an order put in to produce new lens, I waited a week for it to arrive. I was called up and notified on the glass's arrival. Picked them up and realized just how much of a difference it was.

While I am well aware of how to discern moving objects, cars, people, and other things, I'm careful enough to ensure that I am able to tell things apart. Sure I may not be able to read signs very far. But the places I needed to go are all familiar to me. And as the opportunity arise, I'll utilize two lanes just to cut corners and turn at high (but not dangerous) speeds.

So after a few runs here and there with the new glasses, I find that it's a bit more comforting being able to read things that I wasn't able to easily read before. Here's to hoping my eyes won't give out on me early.

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