Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where's the pole?!

There are a lot of shit on TV these days. But once a while, there comes a little gem that makes watching a bit more enjoyable. Still, that doesn't mean it'll drag me back to watching TV on a regular basis.

ABC started advertising a new show called Wipeout during the NBA playoffs. Essentially the show is nothing more than a small game show where contestants go through a series of obstacles in an obstacle course for a shot at $50,000. This ought to sound familiar to those who have flipped through SpikeTV channel, where there's a show called MXC which is more or less the same. But due to the difference in target audience, Wipeout is more toned down in how the course is set up and what can be said on TV. After a single showing, the show stuck and I started catching the show each week it comes on. There are plenty of hilarious moments. But this one perhaps stood out the most. It needs no introduction. Simply watch the video and laugh.

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