Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Unforseen Consequences

So my RAID0 drive went bonkers on me and I lost a lot of files.  A bunch of them were personal files but some of them were movies that I have kept over time.  And those movies were the ones that are bigger than a DVD+R can hold and wanted to archive.  It'll take me a bit to get around to getting those back again.

But despite losing so much, about half of what's stored there is backed up on my secondary drive inside an external enclosure.  That drive is now sitting inside the main rig case but I am not particularly fond of the drive itself.  It is loud when it accesses the disk and it bothers me when it does that.  I'll have to find a new drive to take its place but that may not come for 5-6 months.

Perhaps the best that came out of it is the fact that I did not lose much in terms of games installed.  About half of the games installed can be restored via Steam.  But only a few will make it back onto my HD.  Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is one of the titles that I have snagged via Steam.  And while it took me a while to get it restored, configuration files were stored elsewhere so getting the game back up and running is just a matter of downloading the files.  Other games that were not purchased through Steam, such as Call of Duty: World at War and BF2, will need to be reinstalled at some point.  Yet somehow that point may not arrive for a long time.

Things are brewing in Guild Wars and I have not played for a while.  Little stuff are passing by me and I have very little motivation to really dive back in.  I do want to check out the new things but Bad Company 2 is taking precedence over this.

So far, I am slowly making my way up the rank in the game.  At level 43, and mislabeled as Colonel, the level cap of 50 doesn't seem all that far away.  But that changes when you view the point requirement for the final level.  I just know that it will take me a while to rack up the points needed to get there.  Even worse so is the awards that help with the progress, as I have only a couple left before I have no more awards to aim for.  Grind grind grind, away I grind.

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