Monday, May 03, 2010

Reaching the Summit

It didn't take long for me to do this.  Seeing as I only need to nudge it a little and I'll achieve it.  The Lucky title is definitely a troublesome title to deal with.  With chances, statistics, and percentages, I had to gamble each time I walk up to a chest to open it.

Achieving the Blessed by Fate title also pushes another title over to the highest tier possible.  With that, not only did I achieve 1 goal but I have accomplished 2.  The Kind of a Big Deal title track is one that requires a lot of time, money, and dedication.  By money, I do mean that it does require some financial backing in order to make some progress on it, such as the Drunkard, Party Animal, or Sweet Tooth titles.  These titles require a large sum in order to push the title forward.  Fortunately, I have done a enough and a lot to require little compensation for most things that people have asked for.  And for me, it was because people in the Alliance were generous enough to give me what I need in order to go forward.  I never asked for much in return.  And most items I have handed out were for free or for items to help me with my titles.  Thus, the total amount of money invested in any of those three were virtually zero.

With a capable rig that is set up for games with much more complexity and load, just taking a screenshot of the achievement is not enough.  With limited space available, I started the video capture of the game as I approached the chest that would hand me my achievements.  The file was not large and it took a bit to have it processed and converted into a better format.  It does no good to have a video file that sits in a simple online storage service.  While the size of the video embed is small, the best method is to simply go to the video page itself and view it there.  The resolution option would enable people to see all the details possible.

There is a drawback to doing this.  I guess you can say it's due to short attention span.  But I think it's more due to the fact that I have done all that I can do.  When you have been nearly everywhere, done nearly everything, and achieved all that you can possibly achieve, it becomes a major hassle to do it all over again.  Granted, it's not necessary to do it all over again unless one is a perfectionist.  But doing a lot of the same ol' things over again can drain the motivation out of you.  Like grinding was in World of Warcraft, getting the same achievements over again on a different character becomes a grind.  Do I really want to do it all over again?  I wonder about that.  Needless to say, my primary character can be considered retired from regular play.  I have reached the summit.  For some reason, it looks empty up here.

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