Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tumbling Down The Gundam Hole

I seem to be tumbling down the world of model kits, Gundam models in particular.  I do not know why but my 3rd Gundam model has just arrived via EMS/USPS.  It isn't large and it's actually a small sized box compared to other Master Grade models that I've seen.  But perhaps the biggest reason for its small size is due to the fact that it is based on an old Gundam design, which does not have some of the fancier extra equipment seen in later iterations and versions of Gundam.  The RX-79(G) is a special Gundam suited for ground-based warfare.  Gundams are normally machines used in space.  At least most of them are.  The 'Groundtype' RX-79 is one model above the original Gundam which is the RX-78 model.  However, the difference between the two is minimal and some necessary changes were needed for the RX-79 to be usable on ground warfare.  Heavy weapons and additional armor or equipment cannot be used nor brought forth due to its weight and necessity to transport them.  So all of the groundtype Gundams carry some minimal armaments and weapons in order to maximize mobility and lessen the impact of being detected by enemies.

I have personally loved the MS 08th Team OVA series due to how it factors in gravity and ground-based warfare along with other elements that makes Gundam combat more limiting due to the environment.  It adds a new perspective as to how they conduct such war activities and somehow adds depth into not only the characters and the supporting cast but to the Gundam machines themselves.  While modern Gundams are now so advanced in technology that they are easy to move and control, this adds that element of "this is how we do things back then."  It's almost historical when you look at it.

On my previous post, I mentioned that I question the knowledge of the people working at the hobby shop I went to last time.  Recently I went to visit the place again and fortunately I happen to meet someone who has some knowledge on model assembly as well as painting.  I have learned some interesting things since then.  While painting in general is still beyond my capability, I have come out learning a bit more.  Much of what he said happens to mirror in some ways what others have posted.  And it was good that I have taken the time to try to absorb as much information as I could.

After listening to his advice and tips, I went ahead to purchase a few necessary tools: X-acto Knife, pick filer, and model glue.  Elsewhere, I have purchased several Gundam Markers which I will be trying out on my models.  Hopefully the markers prove to be useful to give me the lines I need to add details to the models I have.  If not, then I may have to delay my assembly until I can purchase items that will help with solving that problem.

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