Sunday, March 28, 2010

Astray Red Frame: Session 4

I think it's more appropriate to indicate each run as a session rather than a day.  After all, I may have multiple sessions in a single day, provided that I was able to do it in the first place.

As part of assembling the arms, I have managed to assembled most of what's needed but the arms are incomplete at this time.  This is due to inking the panel lines, some of which I now realize that I should have done first prior to piecing them together.  But it appears that nothing much was lost by having the assembled arms, I was able to ink most of the visible details with the markers when looking at the photograph on the back of the manual.  So far, so good.  But I am finding that some of the areas to be really tight for the marker to get to.

Trying to get these pieces cut, trimmed, filed, painted, and inked (if necessary) is sure time consuming.  And it is also tiring.  But bit by bit, I am getting the model pieced together.  At the very least, I am glad that right now, I am only on the body itself.  I know that the weapons will be a hassle eventually, as I try to figure out how to get the ink into the little nooks and crannies.

It seems that inking the panel lines is worth the experience, time, and effort.  The parts are looking better and they appear to have much more depth than before.  And I am happy that I made little preparation to make sure that I have some of the parts inked in prior to fully assembling the model together.  Had I not inked them, I probably would have a lot more trouble trying to get some of the details inked in.

The next session should have the arms finished.  I do not know what is the next step after this as I have the hip and legs to work with.  But I think that after making that small mistake of not looking first, I should be well prepared to get the legs fully detailed and inked prior to assembly.  I must be patient and I must not be anxious.  But I am hoping that after it is all said and done, I will have a Gundam model that I can be even more proud to look at.  The Sword Impulse Gundam was grand as it is.  But I will return to that when I finish the Astray Red Frame.

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