Sunday, December 07, 2008

Living up to the name

Little by little I proliferate myself into a variety of places: this blog, in forums, at Guild Wars wiki, and in online gaming.  Since I do not strive to become the best, all I want to do is to see where I stand, how far I can go, and what my limits are.

In Battlefield 2, it got me as far enough to gather everything needed to have all the weapons to choose from.  In Battlefield 2142, it got me as far as your plain ol' Brigadier General, the final destination for everyone who gathers points via normal progression.  Some other games do not track a person's profile and progression for the world to see.  Sadly this is the case for both Call of Duty 4 and Call of Duty: World at War.  Both of these games have similar progression systems found in BF2 and 2142.  However, the numbers and data are all stored locally.  Due to this, it is easy for others to manipulate their numbers to gain the highest tiered rank possible for the game.  It's deplorable that some of these people would do this just to be on top of others... whereas there are many who are still struggling to get themselves up to the next rank/level.

There are times when the situation just turn out to be so good that hardly anything can go wrong.  As a player who has experiences in using tactics to one's advantage, I find myself having a blast without realizing just how high my score is compared to others.  And when the round is finally over, the game displays how much points I have gained as well as some other information.  The numbers I really wanted to see was how many points I scored before all the bonus and extras, how many kills I got, and how many times I've died.  A spread that large is not too surprising even for those with higher skill caliber than my own.  But I personally call it a good achievement given that I run recklessly around finding unsuspecting victims to shoot and slay.

I doubt I'll ever achieve something like this again.  I just do not have that kind of consistency nor am I all that motivated to maintain such a thing.  I guess for that one brief moment, I lived up to the namesake that I have chosen for my online identity.

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