Monday, March 03, 2008

Sounds Like A Plan

Over the weekend, I never got the chance to take advantage of a particular bonus for completing certain tasks in Guild Wars' Eye of the North expansion. But over the course of the weekend, I worked up a plan in order to maximize and attain the highest rank tier for a player title. This may eventually lead to some boring grinding and repetitions in order to get there. But I think in the end and overall, it is the most effective given the insanity involved with the game's Hard Mode setting.

Attaining the highest rank in anything is, of course, no easy task. Some does not take much to get there and others involved careful travel. But there are now several titles that requires traversing and defeating foes via Hard Mode, a mode that sometimes is entertaining but is mostly infuriating. It isn't because that it's hard. It's due to how the enemies are not only made "smarter" but also run faster, attack faster, and uses skills faster. That, in many cases, is plain overboard. Added to the fact that in HM, enemies will take out careless players effectively this time around. This is especially true in any missions where the death of a crucial NPC equate to a complete loss.

Sadly, I'm usually a loner trying to accomplish these tasks with just my Heroes and henchmen. Some areas can be cleared out with just these alone. But I am certain that there are plenty of others where getting past that is seemingly impossible. So for now, it seems that doing whatever I can do and can accomplish alone is enough for now.

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