Sunday, March 16, 2008

Finding Me Lucky Charms

Having not done solo farming in ages, I set out to do a trial run to see how much I am able to get. Using an ancient build with a couple of modifications to the skills, I managed to rake in a lot of gold and specialty items. The intent was to gather as much of these special items as they are being dropped for the weekend in celebration of St. Patrick's Day. Finding rare items along the way and raking in the dough are just an added bonus to the whole process.

Suddenly I find myself enjoying the farm process, albeit boring at times when nothing interesting are dropping for me. Still, when the rares are dropping, they get transferred over to my other characters for identifications. As a result, progress on the Wisdom title accelerated. Using this method in conjunction with the solo farm, I should be able to attain the higher ranks quicker. I hope I won't get too bored of the entire process. The old days of being able to traverse part of a high-end area is long over and funding of certain high-end crafting materials came to a screeching halt. Well, it doesn't matter any more, as I have no need for them for the time being.

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