Thursday, July 19, 2007

It's a conspiracy!

Just when I was about to finally get the global requirement criteria fulfilled, I run into a problem with EA's statistic servers. It seems at this time the servers are lagging behind in processing the new numbers and awards that I received. Until this is resolved, I remain so close yet so far away from the virtual dream. I still chase it... that War College Ribbon.

On the bright side, I took the transport car for a test drive and drove around like a maniac. I eventually ran over 5 guys (or was it 4?) and received the Silver Transport Badge. That doesn't seem like much but it's a nice little achievement to have while I try to work on other awards. Eventually I'll have to figure out how to get 12 road kills for the gold version. I just know that I'm going to get some painful experiences when I go for it.

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