Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Enemy infantry spotted!

It's always amusing to get those random mutiny votes from players who are annoyed with the way I spot enemies as the commander. I've been told a few times to shut up. But it never ceases to amaze me just why they want me to be silent about it. I had one individual tell me via VoIP to tone it down. How can I? Enemies are scattered in various places and the UAV can only cover so much. I think the next time I get a response from someone who's annoyed at it that I'll give the guy an ultimatum -- "Deal with it, or I can do absolutely nothing at all." We can then see how many people like it when they have no commander to do any spotting.

On a different note, one of these days I should do a random recording of a single round. There are times when I wish I had a recording just so I can make a video out of it and post it up online.

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