Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Smoking Gun

Today a package arrived via UPS. Inside is something that probably would have easily passed by US Customs, especially for a single order item. However, due to a certain federal law, many of the online stores selling this would opt to have this piece modified to be suitable and guarantee a pass through Customs, or even sell in the first place.

As I made a random check to look up an URL as reference, I found out that my MP-05 preorder is in jeopardy. Being a collector, I am choosing to have Megatron stay in his sealed box state. Knowing that he'll be opened and be touched by people's hands that are not mine disturbs me. I waited a bit, to see if I will get a notice from HLJ about the small change in the order description. What I had originally ordered was Megatron: unchanged, unmodified, untouched. For them to change the description and the condition of which to ship this to USA without telling me in the first place is rather poor business practice. I have ordered many things from them and I have had no problems, until now. Undeniably, they have the best prices compared to other reputable stores. But sadly, I cannot be a customer for them that time.

I eventually canceled the preorder and went elsewhere. That lead me to Ages 3 And Up, a store located in Canada that can deal with American customers as well as ship to American addresses. I placed the preorder and paid up front accordingly to their terms and conditions. The release day came and went. The store would not get their shipment until late April. It would not be until late May that I would receive an email from them informing me of my tracking number for UPS. Finally, it was on its way...

As expected, they delivered as promised that their shipment of Megatrons would be untouched and sealed. Unfortunately, they lack any fancier packaging that would make keeping Megatron in its pristine state easier. Despite that, I am relieved that I do not have to endure waiting for this wonderful masterpiece to arrive at my doorstep.

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