Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Slowing down or speeding up

For a time I've been slowing down my time with Guild Wars, seeing as there are some things that are getting out of control and out of hand. With the recent update, things are a little better, but not by much. It seems things were just about to go downhill... or so it seems.

About last week, I was testing a new setup, a new style if you will. For a long time, my monk character has been dedicated to healing players and computer AIs. I figure a little change may be needed. So I started up a test build to see how well the build works against a bunch of physical and projectile attacking enemies. The test went well and further tweaking is needed. But then I discovered something...

After a couple of test runs to determine how well the build works, I discovered what may be a gold mine for certain special and rare items. After one of many final tweaks, I have confirmed that what I discovered is a hotspot for farming. And further investigation by guildmates also reveal that another certain enemy class can provide such rare items. Shortly afterwards, the run begins. And things picked up for me. At least, for a little while.

Now on to a different topic. I've finally broke down and made the order. There's a new baby coming home and it'll arrive by next week. As soon as I've confirmed a few things, I'll be able to have a new system up and running in no time. And with it, some drastic improvements to everything, both in CPU power and overall usability. Until then, everyone will have to sit back and wait it out... at least until pictures are then uploaded. *grin*

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