Saturday, May 14, 2005

the road not taken

Or perhaps it'd be called the road less traveled. Either way, playing through Guild Wars has been quite interesting. Going through the various lands, areas, dying, living, and ressurecting, it's all been a great experience. However, I now wander the endless sand dunes of the desert where the enemies are tough, numerous, and a pain in the rear end. It is now nigh impossible to get by due to certain devices that won't work unless one has at least one human partner. In the end, I only ended up waiting as comrades catch up. The voice communication software used in coordinating strategies, attacks, and assists made the teamwork all the more rewarding, for certain areas where it is difficult to get by is now a little easier. Alas, due to the complicated layout of various enemy spots and groups, we were defeated numerous times. And so we broke off, to tackle the problem another day. It was needed, to ensure that we do not wear ourselves out.

It was refreshing that I was able to play with these people, where it's much more easier to get by spots where it'd take me a longer to complete due to the difficulty nature of the quest and mission.

And so another day ends, and a new one begins. My character will continue its quest for enlightenment soon, along with his comrades, hopefully.

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