Friday, February 25, 2005

the seasonal cold

It sucks when out of the blue you're struck with the seasonal cold. It hits you and then you had to rush to grab every medicine possible to make the symptoms less severe on you. That's what happened to me. I already know who I got it from as well. But that didn't stop me at least. What did stop is my playtime. The headache that would come in would kill me over, all due to this stupid cold. But fortunately, I had lots of rest and I hope I had enough liquid to flush out the cold. Right now I am in the recovery stage and am feeling a little better than before. But due to being out with the cold, it also set me back a good two days worth of news.

I spotted this webpage earlier and found it to be quite amusing. I'm sure this friend of mine would love to see this. How much it actually cost to properly pull this off, I'll never know.

Until I am up and running 100%, it seems like my online gametime will be cut. It'll be interesting to see how much rust I develop when I do return.

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