Friday, September 11, 2009

State of Affairs on Mobile Devices

One thing I cannot stand is how some people can be so stupid. But I'm at a loss on who is to blame. I mean, using mobile devices has a certain level of self-awareness and responsibility to others and to yourself. You use it to keep tabs on a variety of things and you use it to get in touch with other people. And that's fine when you're communicating with others in a simpler and quicker way than just calling up a friend just to say a few words. The txt'ing industry sure has grown and exploded as of late. But at the same time, I also find that it's getting way out of hand. And upstart companies like Twitter makes it possible for some people to actually stalk others without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home. This is especially true if the person you're tracking just happens to be a moron who would be sending Twitter updates every 10 minutes. Still, using a mobile device for whatever reason you have comes with a certain level of responsibility to not just yourself but also to others.

Personally, I do not mind the fact that people are sending text messages. It is convenient and the wireless carriers and companies are reaping the rewards on this current market. It does not seem to be going away any time soon though. But there is a fine line of checking for text messages and actively sending one while you're walking down the street. So when I heard about the teenage girl who fell down a manhole while texting, I laughed my ass off about it. But what became of it afterwards turned out to be the worst thing you can ever expect. The family of that brainless bitch wanted to sue. And I cannot help but feel frustrated at the utter stupidity of such a family who thinks they can get away with such shit. You only need to know that the bitch is mainly at fault for being careless and for not paying attention. People listen to their audio players as well but it does not divert their attention while walking. Because if you're crossing the street, you obviously check both directions prior to crossing. It's only natural to do that, right? So I say, fuck that bitch's family and their lawsuit. They ought to be ridiculed for filing such a lawsuit. People are supposed to be responsible for themselves. If you're unable to care for yourself then you shouldn't be using such items that distracts you.

Just recently, a couple of girls in Australia, age 10 and 12, both found themselves lost in some drain in the suburbs. Both of these girls have mobile devices and are able to send calls to other people. But in all the wisdom in the world, these two girls decided to update their Facebook page instead of calling for help. The two were lucky that someone happen to noticed the update on the girls' page and called the appropriate people to send help. Otherwise, we would have seen those two girls post more stupid updates about their idiotic travels underneath the city. It amazes me that even though technology has advanced to the point where people can communicate with each other in unique and easy way yet people do not seem to grasp the notion of being responsible for your own self. Granted, those two girls probably didn't know any better but... I ask you this: who in their right dumbass mind would give those girls a mobile device?! It's bad enough that almost every high school teenager in America has a cell phone but why give these brats a mobile device at such a young age?

As with email that enables all of us to send letters and messages to others across the sea and around the globe, I worry that young people will eventually forget to ever know how to write a letter or message on paper. Is the human race headed to the point where we as a species do everything electronically? I guess for our time, we don't leave unique and engraved stones but instead we leave messages that ended up being lost because of a hard drive crash. Fuck!

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