Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Blast From the Past

Perhaps it's a sign of one's age or proof that a company will milk the franchise down to the very bone. I was alerted of this news by a local buddy of mine. Square Enix, or as I'd like to call it, SquEnix, put up a countdown site. As if the URL did not gave it away, the sound that plays in the background also proves it more. Chrono Trigger is coming. Whether or not this will be a remake or a sequel remains to be seen. However, given the current track record of SquEnix as of late, I suspect that it'll be a remake. I can only hope that some additional content will be added as well as having new artwork or models to go with this. Seeinng Chrono (no I do not call him "Crono.") again will be a treat as well as Kaeru. Sadly, there will be little detail as to what we will be seeing as time passes.

This news, along with anxiously waiting for Final Fantasy IV DS, is starting to drive me up the wall. I have not heard of this news at all and this pretty much hit me hard from the blindside. But I guess in the end, I'll be happy to get this game once it arrives. I only hope that the arrival will be quite some time off into the future.

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